Suzette Howe, Founder/Marketing Guide

I’m a Tucson native and after years of creating award-winning marketing materials for other companies as an employee in the market place, I stepped out to start my own business in 1994. Creative and passionate involvement in projects being developed for more than 25 years through inquisitive consulting led me to a whole new way of doing business with digital strategies.

I had clients tell me they were struggling to create their own online marketing because they were focused on their business skills so was developed specifically to help others transition to technology and social media platforms. I am a published author as well and bring that experience into my content writing projects or can assist you in publishing your dream book! offers a team of experts who partner with you to reach new demographics through company branding, focus on target markets and to simplify in-house business strategies for our clients. Our How2TeamTM  of professionals combine efforts with your business staff to achieve desired growth and purpose.

You don’t need to hire someone full time to handle your marketing because through ShowUeducation TM, we can train and teach you or your staff to make marketing easier and then we handle the parts you don’t want to!

Suzette is experienced in full service marketing

We have worked with Suzette Howe for many years. It’s a consistently beneficial and excellent experience. We enjoy working with Suzette as she is experienced in many aspects of full service marketing and it’s a significant benefit to our company. She designs custom business cards, company clothing and advertising for us plus other printed and promotional materials. Her consultation has been critical to the professionalism of our company’s image and we highly recommend Suzette!

Melinda Bacon, Vice President
Catalina Contracting, LLC

Our goal is to simplify the promotion of company brands by offering full service marketing with social media, websites, printed materials and promotional items. “We ShowUhow2 Make Marketing Easier!”

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