Stay the Course

I regularly take the opportunity to read articles streaming through social media and consider it a privilege to learn from others who have gone before me. Knowing there are hundreds of business owners like me, who desire to have more success in areas that are difficult for them, I appeal to you as a Marketing Guide to consider some of these ideas.

Enjoy the journey! You’re gifted and have established a business that provides for your family, serves others who have needs and you get to do it everyday! If you have chosen a field that is declining or have had struggles to stay afloat, you’re not alone. Many of us have overwhelming concerns of everyday lists and requirements that never stop screaming for our attention. However, we also have the ability to dig deep, change our processes or procedures and call on others to assist in our journey. It’s a good idea sometimes to take time out, leave your business setting and go out into nature or even call a brainstorming meeting with your most creative associates; do something different to ‘re-boot’ and breathe deeply…think on new things that benefit your future.

Reach out to your circle of influence! Even if you are a sole proprietor, there are successful people and business owners around you everywhere if you take time to seek them out. Keep in mind that networking doesn’t mean you have to attend meetings every week with leads and referrals to pass on or feel humiliated by them. It means you can do the same kind of reflection in your business needs and services as you offer and share insights with someone else in your community or business arena. I do recommend you visit networking groups and consider becoming a member, however, because there is an opportunity to meet new people like you. Learn how to talk to others and ask questions that lead to positive understanding of others in your community.

Keep learning new things! As you progress forward in business, there are opportunities to grow in your expertise. Consider applying new thoughts and ideas on learning a new procedure or process, so you come out a winner on top of your game! Take a class, invest time in a webinar or read a series of articles that are relevant to your desires. Even if you decide that one of your employees will be a better fit to continue the process you have learned, you have gained knowledge in this area that will enable you to lead better in your industry.

Becoming a Full Service Marketing company enabled me to stretch personally into many areas of development and reach out for assistance from others who understand the difficulties and the blessings of being a business owner. Realize there are experts in your field that can partner with you to make your business run smoother and give you the chance to breathe a breath of fresh air and hopefully choose to stay the course!

Suzette Howe is a Marketing Guide and Founder of, a unique How2Team™ of professionals who partner with you to design strategic solutions through ShowUeducation™, offering all aspects of Full Service Marketing.