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There are many details to learn and consider when moving forward in business and it’s amazing how much time we spend ‘waiting’. Making a decision to learn on a regular basis means listening to leaders who are out in the trenches! Choosing and then running with a team is important because you can’t do it all yourself plus it’s a lot more fun to share in the benefits of TEAM (Together Everyone Accomplishes More).

I’m currently working on several projects with clients that have identified their goals and are putting key role players into place according to their gifts and talents. How many times have you asked yourself if there was anyone as committed as you who would like to get a project done? Did you actually seek out others to join in with you or keep it to yourself and just ‘dig in to get ‘er done’? This is a dangerous decision for business owners because you tie yourself down and prevent potential growth overall.

Excited people with passion are around us everywhere – but how do you attract them to work with so you can expand your goal and do more? I call this ‘Warp-Speed Learning’ and it’s a trend that will keep you experiencing fullness in your career that will draw others to your team. There are some easy things to do first, then a few more that take a bigger investment of time and finances. Take a moment and make your own checklist that fits your business:

Action Checklist:

  • Am I excited about my business potential or do I display something other than that to those around me? People are watching you all the time; make sure you are prepared to talk about your business and have an ‘active description statement’ you can tell others that directly describes what you do.


  • Have I put together a quick meeting with my current team or staff so I have full input and new ideas from those who are doing the work on their appropriate assignments? Time goes by fast and if we aren’t careful, we may keep doing things that don’t matter to our business progress. We may even realize we missed an opportunity.


  • Do I take time to stay updated in processes that are significant in my business so progress is taking place consistently? Technology is an amazing tool yet it takes time to learn a new program or set it up; perhaps there’s someone you know who is already an expert in an area you could consult with or hire in order to move forward quickly.


  • Is my technology updated to the standards needed so business is done with excellence and my client’s needs are met with quality results? This can be difficult for smaller businesses. It’s another reason I recommend consulting with others who are experts in their field who may be available to assist effectively until those standards can be met in-house.


Remember that you had a dream when you started! You have established a business that provides for your family, serves others who have needs and you get to do it everyday! There may be significant changes that have taken place, but stay in the proactive phase of learning to keep yourself growing and expecting more from your teams so your business progresses forward. It’s worth the investment. Developing your personal expertise is critical. Consider these ideas, take a class, and read articles that are relevant to your desires in business expansion. Even if you decide that an employee will be a better fit to continue the process you have learned, you have gained knowledge in this area that will enable you to lead better in your industry.

Developing a Full Service Marketing company has enabled me to stretch and develop personally because I have put these valuable ideas into effect to serve our clients. We understand the difficulties of being a business owner because that’s who we are too; we also know the blessings of TEAM. Choose some experts in their field who will partner with you to make your business run smoother – Give yourself the chance to run faster and experience ‘Warp-Speed Learning’ that’s fun for everyone!


Suzette Howe is a Marketing Guide and Founder of www.ShowUhow2.com, a unique How2Team™ of professionals who partner with you to design strategic solutions and host ShowUeducation™ classes, offering all aspects of Full Service Marketing.