I’m a Tucson native and that’s pretty rare to find anymore. Many changes have affected this community during the last 10 years, especially within the business arena. Some say we are stuck in a small city structure while others who come here say there is so much potential…what do you believe? Are you utilizing others in your circle of influence to develop business capital?

If ‘intellectual capital’ is a collective knowledge of the individuals in an organization or society, then we are certainly beginning to see that developed and reported in Tucson business today.  Currently, there are amazing reports of new large corporations moving here creating excitement and buzz regarding the financial potential and employment increases within our community.

This topic of knowledge and the impact of technology were recently addressed at an event I attended, and the combination is critical. Millennials are starting their own business relying on analytics and technology. However, when you add face to face relationships with accomplished business owners, you can create a combination that is non-stoppable. There are so many options available, but here are a few ideas I recommend helping you focus on the highest priorities in your business to create capital.

How can you prioritize in your business?

1) Discover who your real target is – your clients are a sampling of your business success; but are you reaching others with discovery through analytics for growth or perhaps offer a different product or service?

2) Establish mobility as your standard of communication – there are many ways to communicate to your leadership staff, employees and your clients; are you utilizing technology and social media to enhance your competitive advantage?

3) Collaborate with younger business leaders – wisdom from long term business success paired with the creativity of new entrepreneurs is a definite advantage; have you begun to develop face to face time opportunities and schedule them in your calendar?

4) Develop a strategic plan that is mobile in structure – flexibility will be an amazing benefit as we make progress in our business model into the future; do you have someone you trust who can help you develop a new level of details in management and technology to accomplish this?


Not all business owners or high level leaders consider themselves as visionaries, but in the midst of chaos, who are you counting on to press forward and connect with in order to accomplish your business goals? Creating a vision for your business future can be an enjoyable experience when you can depend on other experienced professionals to join you in the process. It takes a team to get more accomplished and sometimes business owners may think they don’t have time or finances to develop those resources so they stay in a rut feeling overwhelmed. I’m encouraging you to reach out locally in our community, discover some new connections today that may allow you to develop additional intellectual capital and have fun learning in the process!


Suzette Howe is a Marketing Guide and Founder of www.ShowUhow2.com, a unique How2Team™ of professionals who partner with you to design strategic solutions and host ShowUeducation™ classes, offering all aspects of Full Service Marketing.