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Getting to know business people and how they work out their company issues is a very interesting position for someone like me who enjoys a great venture. I talk with leaders, business owners, non-profit organizers, and we all have one thing in common: we cannot do everything ourselves. Some have discovered the process of TEAM (Together Everyone Accomplishes More) and have developed a “reach out” to other professionals for assistance and mindset. But there are still those few who continue to do it all themselves; ignoring the signs of being overwhelmed and settling for the theory of “this is what it takes to make money.”

Which kind of a Business Owner are you? Does your company have responsible staff to work positions that need to be covered so you can handle the foundational processes? Maybe the creative element is missing completely? Working with a Business Coach has proven to me that the enjoyment of a career is not dependent on analytics or quotas being met. It is a necessary factor, but I have learned capturing new business through innovative ideas is a new amazing journey, extending outside my typical approach.


Ask yourself a few honest questions:

1) How much time do I invest into marketing with purpose? Your product or service IS your business; do you or your staff set aside time specifically to think from your client’s perspective or need in order to present it to others for solutions?

2) Do we have a systematic approach to converting leads that are generated? When you have invested in marketing you need to be ready with a plan to follow up; is your staff equipped and empowered to be creative in this task?

3) Have we carefully chosen specific marketing elements to impact our existing prospects? There are many common elements in marketing such as Pricing Strategies, Advertising, Public Relations, Social Media and Event Marketing; how would involvement with each one of the elements you select impact your relationship with those prospects?

4) Is there a process in place to determine if a certain marketing element fits our overall business and marketing strategy? There are many elements to utilize in marketing; is this one really worth doing? Will working the element you have selected keep you from ones that could have a higher pay off?


Developing the real purpose of each marketing element for your business is worth investing time and finances accordingly in order to streamline your efforts for effectiveness. It’s much better to design a strategy that will be impactful and allow you and your staff to enjoy the process of implementation together for long term results. Does stretching or creating a new form of marketing make you uncomfortable? Begin to call on other professionals in your circle of business influence or community to walk with you into new territory. Seek out those that are willing to create unique strategies with your company staff so you don’t have to “go it alone.” That’s thinking about marketing as a TEAM and it is indeed an exciting journey!


Suzette Howe is a Marketing Guide and Founder of www.ShowUhow2.com, a unique How2Team™ of professionals who partner with you to design strategic solutions and host ShowUeducation™ classes, offering all aspects of Full Service Marketing.