Marketing Mind Meltdown

How many times have you been in a ‘meltdown’ because you can’t imagine yourself doing anything else to keep business moving forward? You’re involved with everyday aspects of working in your business as the owner or in the role of a director, but you have no time or energy to even think about marketing?

I can relate with this mindset and that’s why I’m talking directly to you as a business owner. I’ve been working with other business owners for more than 22 years and all the marketing ideas keep changing! It’s no wonder that we are stretched to the limit in our time and yet effectiveness is dependent on our daily decisions. Marketing is one of the necessary business principals we need to put into place so that we continue to grow and serve others through our company. We can’t let this one go to chance. People need to know who we are and what we do!

Consider these facts:

  • Working with a team of professionals is an amazing gift; as business owners ourselves, we know and understand that working together gets more done.
  • Knowing we cannot execute everything personally is generally accepted; however, many will put out an occasional mention of their business name on social media or create a website thinking it will get people lining up at their door to do business.
  • Actively marketing and running all the aspects of your own business is difficult to accomplish without continued learning, setting goals and putting them into action.
  • Social Media is the new Print!™ More people use their phones to seek out a business now than ever before because it’s so fast and efficient.

Do you know what needs to be done in order to utilize social media in your business for full potential?

Put one half hour of action in today! Start out by looking at what a few other businesses are portraying on their pages in Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. See what others are doing that you’ve connected with in the past. You may be amazed to find interesting things you didn’t know about them or their business, and you may be able to refresh your business relationship with them through a reach out in social media via a ‘like’, ‘comment’ or even ‘share’ of their content.

Now consider your own business and its marketing at this point. Did this help you see a different perspective that you may not have in your strategy or action mode right now? Think about areas in your business marketing you do not consider your favorite ones to develop or maintain. Decide which ones to delegate to others in your staff who are active in social media or familiar with your business goals to allow them to transition into that new level of communication. Know that some of them may need further education or classes to do so.

Utilize experts within your community who will customize a plan to help meet your business needs and make it fun to move forward for you and your staff. Why not begin releasing some of your marketing and development worries to professionals that really care and are excited to see you succeed? Carve out some time to make a new plan; Marketing Mind Meltdown is solved through cool interaction and learning, now that’s refreshing!


Suzette Howe is a Marketing Guide and Founder of, a unique How2Team™ of professionals who partner with you to design strategic solutions and host ShowUeducation™ classes, offering all aspects of Full Service Marketing.