Marketing System

We partner as the How2TeamTM through one main Communicator, Suzette Howe.  We are all independent business owners ourselves, so we know the importance of helping businesses with their lead conversion and marketing that is customized to their needs. Therefore, each client goal is established to meet the objectives with a reasonable plan, budget, and invoicing through our Communicator who will provide a written proposal after the Discovery Meeting. We offer multiple resources and create packages that contain affordable tools to utilize for your business success while efficiently working as a team to make it happen.

In addition, you can now compete with larger companies because new technology and social media have leveled the playing field! You can’t afford to wait any longer to “go digital and get known’ for what you do in business!

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I Recommend Suzette Howe Highly

I have known Suzette Howe for more than 20 years. I’ve worked with her throughout that time and found Suzette to be very professional. She is very organized and does what she says she is going to do. She is great at coordinating events, doing ad copy, consulting and graphic arts. I recommend Suzette Howe highly for all your marketing and promotional needs.

Doug Martin, President/GM
Doug Martin, President/GM
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