Need Real Answers

Business ownership is an exciting opportunity, yet I often hear owners discussing concerns about the details of running marketing strategies that are not in their area of expertise. When a project needs to be done in your trade, you’re the one eager to make it happen; but have you been frustrated and putting off the idea of marketing or social media because it’s an unfamiliar use of your time or potential investment?

Owners are in desperate need of experts to contact whenever they have questions or concerns in business and they want REAL ANSWERS:

“Should I be using Facebook or Twitter?”

“Do I need to have someone in my staff learning about LinkedIn to promote our business to business potential?”

“Do postcards really work?”

“My time is invested in operating through my business skill and now I need to be cloned to take care of the rest!”


Social media and technology are an added responsibility and they are constantly changing so it’s hard to keep up with the demands for education in those areas. As a Marketing Guide, I know it’s an amazing asset to tap into a resource of professionals that you can ask to assist you in a critical time of need. Have you discovered such a marketing resource of experts in your community? Or even better yet, have you begun to exercise your right to delegate to those experts?

Here are 5 challenges that can be solved by utilizing Marketing Experts:

1) Advertising – social media has changed the marketplace by creating more traffic through Google resources and online maps; do you have someone updating that for your business?

2) Target Market – knowing the focus of your business and what to do to reach the proper people group is imperative; did you invest time and ask for professional advice in this stage of your business plan?

3) Branding – companies are utilizing multiple resources to display corporate images; have you developed a new logo, refreshed the colors or changed your layout with new content for your website?

4) Description of Services – a great brochure is handy in print and very valuable when it is developed into pages on a website; have you had someone design those for you?

5) Delegation – successful strategies must include staff or other professionals to advance and inspire company growth; do you have quality people in place to take care of the details outside your expertise so you can focus on what you enjoy doing in the business?


Potential burnout is a reality when you are a business owner and those who figure out how to prevent that tragedy are likely to succeed in long term enjoyment of what they chose to do for a career. Our community is in dire need of great leadership in business to continue making good decisions and developing employment opportunities for others. When we unite and partner with others to accomplish our goals in business, it becomes more fun and directly advantageous to everyone who needs our services. Have you been encouraged lately by someone in your circle of influence to seek assistance or call on an expert to help you with a specific challenge? Why not begin to delegate more of what you can and enjoy the journey you dreamed of in starting your own business!


Suzette Howe is a Marketing Guide and Founder of, a unique How2Team™ of professionals who partner with you to design strategic solutions and host ShowUeducation™ classes, offering all aspects of Full Service Marketing.