Reality at the Speed of Light

The reality of life in business today is difficult to keep up with and it seems as though some of the changes we experience are coming from a source of power beyond our galaxy! The fact is that technology has changed so significantly, the new rules of technology implementation are now being set and created by the companies we utilize to advertise and expand our business. It used to be that we had choices in our level of selection; we were allowed to reach out to our potential world of clients as we saw fit with our own campaign ideas. Now you’ll get lost in the universe if you do it ‘your way’ and don’t upgrade to their agenda. That’s our new reality!

 My question to you: Do you have business goals in place to keep you changing with technology and a business management calendar to match that demand?

Business is not ‘as usual’ anymore and that means that as business owners, we have got to keep up with technology AND continue in professional skills as dentists, realtors, contractors, medical technicians, etc. We’re expected to advance ourselves by launching into technology and that’s our new tool of the future; virtual and digital media has taken over and is now a mandatory part of our business plan.

Think about these social media action steps:

  1. Read an article or blog on social media ideas to see if you are running full speed in that area of technology.
  2. Look at your calendar to find at least one hour of time each week to begin learning something new about social media.
  3. Focus on what you do best and enjoy in business, then seek others to assist you with the rest.


Some of today’s trends are shocking because of the speed of change, so having a resource like this is no joke!  Make time to access new information today through local businesses that have similar desires because together we are a better community. Develop a resourceful ‘tool of experts’ that you can call on for next level kind of leadership mindset and technology that is effective for today’s marketplace. Take classes as an investment of time and money to advance your learning and have fun doing it with your staff. Let’s face reality and work together at warp speed!

Suzette Howe is a Marketing Guide and Founder of, a unique How2Team™ of professionals who partner with you to design strategic solutions through ShowUeducation™, offering all aspects of Full Service Marketing.