purpose in business

How do you know when it’s time to rediscover your purpose in business? If you feel lost, overwhelmed or like you’re just going through the motions every day, it’s time to stop—take time out and refocus. I work with business owners to create marketing materials and refresh the strategies they have developed for their company. Some desire change because they have utilized the same images and plan of action for years. While others update regularly to refresh their brand appearance, but now want to reach different clients.

I encourage them all to rediscover their purpose in business; to identify the good, the bad and the ugly. So I ask: Why are they in this business, who are their current clients, and do they want to achieve different results by shifting their marketing? Would they like to increase their list of ‘favorite’ clients to grow their business? What makes them a ‘favorite’? As a Marketing Guide, I believe and describe the ‘Why’ we do business as it directly links to our goals. We need to understand fully the reasons we began a business career and our willingness to keep growing!

Business is not ‘as usual’ anymore. If we desire growth as business owners, we have got to keep up with technology. However, just like dentists, realtors, contractors, medical technicians, etc., we still have to continue to develop our professional skills. We’re expected to advance ourselves by launching into technology because that’s our new tool into the future. Virtual and digital media should now be a mandatory part of our business plan.


Many business leaders I know, have chosen to serve others by creating a business that fits their personality, their talents and to accomplish a dream. Some joined in with others who owned a business in their field of expertise and have continued to work in successful partnerships. A number of them ventured into business ownership or non-profit work due to a need that didn’t seem to be met in their community. They wanted to make a difference in people’s lives. What is your “Why” and does your purpose speak volumes about your success?

Take a moment and think back. Why did you get started in the first place? How can you learn more about marketing in your industry today?

Ask yourself these questions:

1) Do I remember why I chose my career and has that reason changed? – research and data can help you know much about your industry. But what about asking deeper questions; have you taken time to personally reflect and question how things are going?

2) Do I have passion and understanding of my client’s needs? – sometimes we get busy with programs and miss opportunities. Do you survey in order to find out why your clients do business with you and your company?

3) Have I utilized marketing to my best advantage? – marketing tools continue to change depending on your industry. Do you feel knowledgeable about new methods or social media?

4) Does my team feel important? – many employees today are not serving to their full potential for various reasons. Are there classes available for them to increase their skill set or opportunities for business development in your company?

5) Do I delegate to others? – productivity is crucial for growth in business. Are you encouraging others to lead in areas that are not your strength? Can you capitalize on excitement that will come by out sourcing some needs in those areas?

I attend impactful business webinars and conferences featuring speakers who talk about their experiences. They often describe how to seize opportunities and become successful regardless of circumstances that seem insurmountable at times. One time, a person in the audience asked an insightful question, “Do you ever deal with the Imposter Syndrome?” In other words, did our speaker ever feel like she didn’t know what she was doing or how to move forward when in doubt? She answered, “Yes”, and explained how through her amazing background in multiple areas of education and company leadership. One thing was consistent: she never gave up on her “Why”.

Our “Why” is critical; this vital knowledge will distinguish us differently from others who come and go in our same industry. It will also protect us from the ‘naysayers’ in our lives that mean well but just don’t understand our purpose. We must consider the positive impact, changes and customized focus that can be made within our teams. This way, we are not just meeting business needs everyday through old systems and marketing we may have put into place.

Rediscovering your purpose in business means considering deeper thought into what you do. How can you delegate to find new solutions that will produce better results for your business? If you want more enjoyment from your career, focus on what you do best in business, then seek others to assist you with the rest. Therefore, consider investing in a technology skills class or seeking out a marketing expert that could improve your bottom line through development of a new strategy. Become excited again about your purpose because our community needs you to keep making a difference!

Suzette Howe is a Marketing Guide and Founder of www.ShowUhow2.com, a unique How2Team™ of professionals who partner with you to design strategic solutions and host ShowUeducation™ classes, offering all aspects of Full Service Marketing.